Our offer

Document Management System

A comprehensive module that helps organizations to create, organize and manage all their documents like policies, procedures, forms, contracts etc. It is a user-friendly secure technological platform, that facilitates collaboration between stakeholders for the creation, review, reference link to related documents and final approval of documents.

  • Extensive database of policies, forms and other documents as per the latest international standards.
  • Single technological platform ensuring the complete process of document management from creation of a new document to its final approval.
  • Tracking of document expiry and on-time renewal support.
  • Smart software which automatically identifies if the policy document has been read by the employee and also gives a system-based evaluation to test the knowledge.
  • Data Safety & Security (No option of a copy, paste, and download documents).

Privilege Manager

An innovative technology that simplifies the Privileging process for medical professionals. It is a system enabled process which has a complete database of Privileges for all the specialties. The software assists you by providing a seamless process from privilege request to final approval and also assists to track credentials.

  • Privilege data base for all available specialties.
  • Fully system enabled process from privilege request to approval.
  • View and track Physician Experience, License, Life Support Certification details.
  • System generated reminder and alert notifications for expiry of credentials.
  • Easy tracking and retrieval mechanism.

Incident Manager

A user-friendly software for Incident Reporting, Investigation and Analysis. It generates an automated Incident Analysis report with details about the Incident classification, harm score and root cause analysis. It has a feature of sending alerts and feedback to stakeholders and monitor progress of action plans.

  • System Enabled Incident classification and automated reports.
  • Alert notifications to HOD’s for critical incidents & actions.
  • Incident Analysis Reports & Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • Incident Risk matrix which will support Risk Assessment plan and interventions.
  • Assign Corrective and Preventive action for incidents and track status.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Module

A dynamic technology for KPI management. It has an inbuilt library of key performance indicators with internal and external benchmarks. It gives you an easy task management solution for Data collection of a large data set of KPIs. The organization can visualize their performance metrics through a real-time dashboard.

  • KPI profile creation, data tools design and dashboards.
  • KPI library for International accreditation.
  • Smart solution for data analysis and aggregation.
  • Action plan assignment and follow up mechanism.
  • System built internal and external benchmark.

Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) Module

Ongoing Professional practice Evaluation is the process of ongoing data collection to assess a Physician’s clinical competence and professional behavior. Accrehealth provides an intelligent technology for OPPE. It includes a complete library of OPPE metrics for all medical specialities. This software enables the organization to monitor and review the Physician’s performance regularly. It integrates with KPIs to generate dashboards with a detailed analysis of their performance.

  • Integrated KPI’s for Physicians and Specialities.
  • Compare Physician with peers, internal & external benchmark.
  • Monitor and review Physician Performance on Regular Basis (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual).
  • Management Information Dashboards.
  • OPPE library for all clinical specialties.