About Us

We provide technology enabled solutions for quality management and accreditation requirements.we combine our passion and experience in healthcare management and accreditation into an innovation that helps you to manage your day today complex processes in a digital platform that links all methodologies required to achieve and maintain accreditation timely.

We support healthcare organization to manage the practice,procedures and guidelines effectively by using our specific modules for JCIA accreditation requirements, any other audits or any practice improvement activities.

  • Quality Management
  • Accreditation participation of any healthcare organizations
  • Our customised modules are chains to start up the organization’s complete process
  • Practice documentation control
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Progress analysis and actions into a single solution strategy

When quality of human life challenged in a digital ecosystem

As organizations transform into innovative technologies, the environments in which these technologies are used need to be evolved towards the well-being and safety of people in the workplace. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is an integral part of the design of a workplace in a digital ecosystem.

Year 2022 challenged the landscape of occupational health and safety in the context of pandemic times in which digital technology has penetrated every aspect of people's lives.

OHS conscious organizations focused on identifying the process, the organizational structures and the technologies required to develop an updated, dynamic and robust model focused on workers in complex ergonomics contexts, and to improve the organizations' capability to guarantee safety even in the most changing, digital and disruptive settings.

Organizations with digital technologies must carefully drive the OHS program so that its integration with technology leads to improved quality of human life, efficiency of operation and services, and competitiveness.

AccreHealth Technologies’ workplaces are assessed by Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and certified by ISO 45001 (OHSAS18001); believing in “people first’’.