Are you in search of technology enabled solution for
quality management, accreditation and operational efficiency?

AccreHealth Technologies is your partner / solution

AccreHealth Technologies provide a smart and secure technology for digitalizing Accreditation preparedness, Quality Management system and help you manage your day-to-day complex processes/workflows in a digital platform.

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Our Modules


Policy Manager

A comprehensive module that helps organizations to create, organize and manage all their documents like policies, procedures, forms, …

Incident Manager

A user-friendly software for Incident Reporting, Investigation and Analysis. It generates an automated Incident Analysis report with details…

Privilege Manager

An innovative technology that simplifies the Privileging process for medical professionals. It is a system enabled process which has a complete database…

Key Performance Inidicator (KPI)

A dynamic technology for KPI management. It has an inbuilt library of key performance indicators with internal and external benchmarks…

Accreditation Manager

A comprehensive module created based on the latest International Accreditation Standards, which provides a real-time tracker to identify Accreditation…

Ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE)

AccreHealth provides an intelligent technology for OPPE. It includes a complete library of OPPE metrics for all…

Why Choose AccreHealth Technologies

We combine our passion and experience in healthcare management and accreditation into an innovation that helps you to manage your day today complex processes in a digital platform that links all methodologies required to achieve and maintain accreditation timely.

Who We are

AccreHealth Technologies, is the technology arm of Partners Consultants International, a renowned Healthcare Accreditation Consultancy based in the Middle East and Asia. With more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Partners consultants have combined their passion and experience in healthcare accreditations to develop an innovative technology that helps to manage the complex day to day operations and provide technical support for accreditation and operational workflows.