Offboarding- A Nightmare?

Offboarding- A Nightmare?
By Admin | January 11, 2018 | Comments: 6

Organizations are better equipped than ever to receive new hire employees, onboard them with welcome notes, orientation and training programs, manage their performance, and meaningfully preparing them for their contributions.

Where many organizations tend to falter is in conducting an employee friendly offboarding practice. Moreover it goes into a torturing situation to those who are leaving, whether they’re leaving voluntarily or involuntarily. From the day an employee puts up a resignation notice, they become the ‘’insignificant one’’ irrespective of the long years they put in or their contributions to the team. They will face all possible ignorance and uncertainty in every step of their exit process such as delay in processing their paper work, timely completion of their notice periods, delay in settling their dues, even to get an experience certificate on time, and make them do N number of visits to Human Resources dept to get all formalities cleared.

Much has been done about employee onboarding, yet employee off boarding is equally as important and it should be defined and applied consistently. Offboarding process is also an important phase in an employee lifecycle like every other phase of the employee lifecycle in an organization.

Offboarding processes should mature more than ‘checklists’ and ‘No dues certificates’ you have in place today and where you can, improve and standardize your system for a great offboarding experience.

Some benefits may not be realized immediately, but your company will reflect a good culture and “boomerang employees” to come back in the future or recommend the company to their friends and family.

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